Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Toddler Reader Manifesto

I love reading with H, my just two-year-old. Yet I have found it hard to find books that we both like. There are lots with too much text for him; lots that are so earnest and lacking in imagination that I want to hurl them into the carpark over which our flat abuts; and lots about diggers and dinosaurs (not a bad thing but it gets a bit old).

Yet when we find a good one, it makes me so very happy. I often wonder if I have lived an overly textual life, reading and writing all the time, so that when I am exposed to an effective and artistic union of vibrant pictures with some decent text, my soul leaps like a little kitten sniffing its first anchovy.  Some authors  – Sarah Garland, John Burningham, Quentin Blake, the Ahlbergs – make me really feel more excited than is proportionate.

So, I am often telling innocent bystanders about these books, and they are clearly bored to tears, though mostly polite. Hence the blog, so that the joy can be shared among the ranks of the interested. Those who know that books are the centre of everything, and that they must not waste valuable hours of their child’s life reading anything stolid, overly worthy or drab. Those who recognise the need to obtain a good selection of books that can be read to a child at least 45 times each without vomiting (him / her or you).

Anyways, the Toddler Reader will aim to make a list of really good books for children aged around the same as my H. You can peruse it and hopefully have a chuckle and feel a little sorry for me, a former academic whose skills at draining the joy out of life through over analysis are now being given full flower in burdening the innocent heroes and heroines of children’s literature with way, way too much significance.

I will be posting once a week-ish. I understand from my research that parent blogs ought to elicit the positive involvement of the child so I will be including a comment from H to round out each review. 

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